Audience Management

Bots make for a terrible audience. They have no value and can harm partner relationships.

For Advertisers & Marketers

For Advertisers & Marketers

You know your target market and finding the perfect balance in performance can be tricky at times, but the problem gets even worse when invalid traffic mixes with your audience data.

Publishers & Website Owners

An audience of bots isn't good for any site. It'll quickly turn advertisers off from your ad inventory and possibly even earn you a spot on a blacklist. Invalid traffic will also skew your visitor data causing unexplained usage patterns.

For Publishers & Website Owners

How We Can Help:

Our Event Scoring API can stop bots and other types of invalid traffic, prevent ad fraud, and neutralize bad behavior all in real-time. Our Monitoring Pixel works to identify emerging threats and then communicates those threats to our API. Use both tools for maximum protection. Aren't able to use our API? No problem. Our Blocking Tags are designed to easily keep your most valuable content and assets safe from malicious activity.

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