Ad Fraud Report H1 2022 Ad Fraud Report


  • While the US remains the largest target of ad fraud by volume, repeated emergent activity has been seen from Asian regions
  • Incident rates within mobile continue to outpace desktop
  • While CTV volume increases, an ad fraud rate of 15% remains consistent within the medium
  • Anonymous traffic is on the rise
Graphed countries selected to give regional overview: NA, LATAM, EU, APAC


  • Ad fraud continues to be a significant issue within the digital ecosystem
  • If the global economy faces future pressure, an interruption to current usage trends and traffic patterns would be expected
  • Volatility could lead to an accelerated risk of invalid activity spread evenly across all channels whereas typically the channels driven by the highest spend/revenue are most at risk

About: is an enterprise platform for ad fraud monitoring and prevention designed for use within the entire ecosystem from the sell to buy-side. Our wide range of software integration tools measure across all mediums including display, video, in-app, search, and CTV.

* All data in this report was collected by Escalated between January 2022 and June 2022
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