Campaign Optimization

Invalid traffic can ruin a campaign. It causes confusing analytics, offsets KPIs, and steals marketing budgets.

For Advertisers & Marketers

Keep the bots away. With our tools you'll be able to track invalid traffic by domain, partner, source, geo etc.. You can even send in costing data in order to track IVT by overall cost. Use this data to create whitelists or blacklists and ensure your campaigns are running as efficiently as possible.

Publishers & Website Owners

Have direct advertisers or sponsors running on your website? Don't let bots ruin a good thing. Keep alert of traffic sources that might be driving fraudulent activity to your site. Take action and ban bad sources at your server or platform level, or use active blocking mode or our API to deflect bad traffic away.

How We Can Help:

Our Event Scoring API can stop bots and other types of invalid traffic, prevent ad fraud, and neutralize bad behavior all in real-time. Our Monitoring Pixel works to identify emerging threats and then communicates those threats to our API. Use both tools for maximum protection. Aren't able to use our API? No problem. Our Blocking Tags are designed to easily keep your most valuable content and assets safe from malicious activity.

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