Escalated Makes On-Demand Ad Fraud Solution Available to the Wider Market
CARMEL, Ind. – Escalated ( offers real-time ad fraud protection from bots, invalid traffic, and other types of malicious activity packaged into flexible plans now easily obtainable by small to medium sized businesses.

Ad fraud – invalid website traffic, is growing at an alarming rate and according to Statista, is estimated to cost the industry $44 billion per year worldwide by 2022. Malicious bots, designed to mimic human behavior, routinely eat holes in advertising budgets, with much of the fraud going undetected. These attacks can also cause a wide variety of anomalies in performance indicators and bring harm to partner relationships. Bots steal content, waste bandwidth, and eat up server resources.

Typical market solutions available today are geared towards the enterprise level requiring costly term commitments and even involve lengthy deployment processes. But fraud happens at all levels and is not just exclusive to the top. Currently, the small to middle markets are left completely exposed and unnecessarily vulnerable.

Small and medium businesses are having to assume excessive risk on a daily basis. Publishers face being hit with sudden claw-backs, advertisers are susceptible to buying fraudulent traffic, and platforms are endangered by the risk of accidentally acting as a conduit for ad fraud.

Escalated solves these pain points by lowering the barrier required for entry. SMEs can now obtain real-time ad fraud protection on demand without being held to inflexible term commitments. Escalated has multiple tiered plans to suit a variety of individual, organization or company needs, regardless of size. And each plan offers a full-access free trial period.

How Escalated helps:

• Publishers: Monitor your website's invalid traffic levels and/or make decisions regarding whether or not to render ad slots.

• Advertisers: Use Escalated's tech to verify campaign activity or to prevent bidding on fraudulent ad inventory.

• Platforms and Networks: Stop ad fraud at the door and ensure that your pipes aren't being used to funnel money to bad actors for their invalid traffic.

“Almost all players in adtech face the constant fear of partners turning them off, withholding payments, or stopping their campaigns. We're here to instill piece of mind and to fight ad fraud from the ground up,” said Escalated CEO Kyle Smith.

About Escalated

Escalated is a SAAS platform for preventing ad-fraud and bot activity across the ad-tech industry. Escalated is comprised of a team of ad-tech veterans with two decades of experience fighting criminal activity in the digital trenches. The team at Escalated constantly develops and innovates various models and methods for tackling digital fraud to apply to its proprietary software. Escalated maintains a service that is both flexible and affordable enough to be used by individuals and companies of any size or budget. Learn more at:
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