News Launches Anti-Malvertising Service to Stop Malicious Ads in Real Time
CARMEL, Ind. – ( recently announced the launch of its latest subscription-based software solution intended to stop malicious online ads (malvertising). Malvertising is an insidious practice that delivers damaging digital payloads to end users, and has long been a problem for any company that touches advertising such as publishers, DSPs, SSPs, networks, and exchanges. Malvertising can result in reputation damage, rob companies of revenue-generating opportunities, sever the user experience, and taints the overall client-company relationship. The new anti-malvertising solution from Escalated is available now, and comes with a no obligation, seven-day free trial.

“Malvertising is an absolutely massive problem felt by every player in ad tech at this point,” said Kyle Smith, Escalated CEO. “It’s extremely damaging to companies, and is notoriously difficult to detect and fight. These attacks are usually targeted by geo, device, browser, or app; and often limited to an obscure time slot, predetermined by the malvertiser. The attacks are perfectly camouflaged because malvertisers pretend to be real advertisers, and they know exactly what they’re doing. But so do we. Escalated’s technology works post-auction, which means that the ad will render, and payment is collected from the malvertiser. However, the attack-ad is ultimately blocked. Our software keeps companies safe, without removing their ad revenue.”

Escalated provides a single-pixel solution that blocks malicious ads as they happen, while offering transparent reporting that pinpoints and identifies the culprit. Companies can collect ad payments while simultaneously denying bad actors the opportunity to steal revenue – all with the deployment of one simple pixel. The software protection is perfect for publishers, DSPs, SSPs, ad networks, ad servers, exchanges, and trading desks.

Escalated: Providing Multiple Tech Solutions to Solve Modern Problems
In addition to complete malvertising coverage, Escalated also offers invalid traffic (IVT) prevention. By detecting both general invalid traffic (GIVT) and sophisticated invalid traffic (SIVT), IVT protection from Escalated eliminates bots in real time, minimizes overall risk, and can be used to make bidding or rendering decisions.

  • Complete Ad Fraud Protection: Stops bots and other invalid traffic from viewing or clicking on ads, following links to clients’ landing pages, and ruining campaign results. Detects hard-to-find, incoming, or deliberately hidden fraudulent activity, and keeps digital content safe from theft. Setup is easy, taking just minutes.
  • Audience Management: Eliminates bots that pretend to be human audience members, allowing for pure and accurate data collection.
  • Campaign Optimization: Bots can confuse analytics, offset KPIs and decimate marketing budgets. Escalated tracks IVT by domain, partner, source or geo tag. Clients can also send in costing data to track IVT by overall cost, enabling the creation of whitelists and blacklists.
  • Resource Protection and Ad Verification: Save server resources by denying fraudulent activity. Protect servers from load issues and other complications. While campaigns ensure ads are running exactly where and when they are supposed to, promoting maximum effectiveness and use of advertising revenue.

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Escalated is an end-to-end ad-fraud solution provider of real-time IVT detection and anti-malvertising software. Escalated employs innovative methods that are designed to solve problems for companies of all sizes and enable coverage in nearly any scenario. The team at Escalated constantly develops a wide variety of models and methods for tackling digital fraud, and maintains a service that is flexible and affordable enough to be used by both individuals and companies. Learn more at:
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