Web Security

Bots are dangerous. They steal your content and can hack your website. They follow links and wreak havoc.

For Advertisers & Marketers

Don't let bots steal your assets, click on your ads, or follow links through to your client's landing pages.

Publishers & Website Owners

Bots can scrape and copy your content. They can scan your site for vulnerabilities. They can disguise themselves as human to go undetected.

How We Can Help:

Our Event Scoring API can stop bots and other types of invalid traffic, prevent ad fraud, and neutralize bad behavior all in real-time. Our Monitoring Pixel works to identify emerging threats and then communicates those threats to our API. Use both tools for maximum protection. Aren't able to use our API? No problem. Our Blocking Tags are designed to easily keep your most valuable content and assets safe from malicious activity.

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